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About Us

Modernli LLC is a US based online company started by two online industry veterans, Amir Atzmoni and Nik Govorko, combined they have over thirty years of online marketing and website building experience.

What is “online real estate”?

Just like regular real estate where you build an apartment building and rent it out and get monthly payments form your tenants we build online properties/websites, and rent them out and gather monthly, Pay Per Call or Pay Per Lead rent.

Concept is actually very simple and for an investor 100% hands free, your initial investment is used for niche and competition research, website building and ranking it on Google using only 100% white hat search engine optimization methods, this way we are fully Google compliant and your online property will produce income for years to come

We will take care of every aspect of the business:

  • Niche research
  • Competition research
  • Build professional, high converting websites
  • Ranking the websites in Google
  • Finding the tenants for your online properties
  • Monetizing your online real estate

For anyone interested in investment this is a perfect
opportunity to start without the need to learn website design, search engine
optimization, copywriting or any of the skills needed to profit from this kind
of endeavor.

If you have any other questions, we will be happy to answer
them, please click here and schedule your free 15 minutes consultation phone

Jacob Cohen

Nik Govorko